Easy and adaptive modular cyberethics framework for a better life

Welcome to Cyber Wellness Programme

Cyber wellness is a major concern in today's hyperconnected society. The emergence of internet-related crimes such as rape, theft and piracy have made our youth in particular a very vulnerable demographic.

Many educators and parents are unaware of the approaches they can take in educating and protecting their students and children from these threats. This is where we step in. The Asian approach to the framework is one consistent with the values of this region. Educational psychology and technological methods are included to help teachers deliver these lessons, be they in classrooms or via e-learning platforms.Read More

The Junior Cyber Wellness Achiever Award is a three-month long activity dedicated to help young students (P3 to P6) learn about having fun online and still keeping healthy.

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The Senior Cyberwellness Achiever Award is a programme designed to educate teens (Sec 1 and up) about the new areas of technology they are exploring.

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